Walter Verdin (°1953, Belgium) is a video composer who has worked all kinds of disciplines throughout the years (with music, theatre, dance, film, video art, musical theatre, documentaries, …) He has a rich curriculum with numerous projects with famous artists as Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Steve Paxton, Wim Vandekeybus, Guy Cassiers,... and has founded several associations, such as Videolepsia in which he now produces his own artistic work. He created his first video in 1978. Videorhythmics (1984) was his first video concert: live music on the beat of rhythmically edited single screen videos. It would become his 'trademark'. Since his first trip to Africa in 1993, he created a great deal of projects with African artists. After XAfrika, a video and music project about Mandinka music, he started with a series of workshops, brought artists from all kinds of disciplines and cultures together under the name Trancemediamix and created with Matchume Zango the Timbila Tracks project. Timbila music will again be the starting point for a new audio-visual concert Mgodo Tracks, creation in 2019. All his work is multidisciplinary. The interaction between video, dance and music, moving image and sound, forms the constant topic in his work.