Winston Duke is a London based artist whose work draws upon the constant flux between opposing forces, light and dark, attempting to give his work a dream-like quality, submerged in a world disconnected and surreal to our own.­­

Graduating from the University of the Arts London, London College of Communication in 2011, he began to explore ways in which he could express the concept of identity and self, mainly through his exploration with film photography, where through the process of actual film development, established artistic interpretations which later informed his later projects. The use of black and white tonalities runs as a theme throughout most of his personal work, and is used as a motif to contextualise the idea of illuminating the unknown.

Winston derives inspiration from the world around him, in particular astronomy, space and time. It brings him to a state of curiosity, in particular how we as human beings are aware of our significance in the universe. He found his exposure to experimental Japanese animation and films to be enlightening, by establishing the vigor to be playful with all forms of work he produces.

His work has been exhibited internationally, such as for Giphy, Loop Dreams, New York USA, Nike: Vapormax Day, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France and TheGIFER, Turin, Italy.


2018 It's GIF not JIF Fantoche: International Animation Festival, Baden, CH
2017 Smack My Gif Up Fanoche: International Animation Festival, The Museum of Communication, Baden, CH
2017 Vapormax Day, Nike Centre Pompidou, Paris, FR
2017 Toomuchinformation Exhibit.gif, Cape Town, SA
2016 theGIFER theGIFER, Turin, IT
2016 Loop Dreams Giphy, New York, USA