Dreaming of Andy, and The Times Changed (5)

This work was created for a 9-screen video projection immersive installation. Its similar but not identical audio tracks should create a polyphonic effect in the exhibition space. On screen it is a series. It’s a poetic reflection and a commentary on our time as seen through the lens of the perceived sixties’ pop culture New York art scene, and in particular the world of its phenomenon – Andy Warhol.

Inspired by Andy’s use of the printmaking technique that yields various derivative results from the same image printed in a different way translated to the formality of applying video filters to the same footage and brought a completely different world of the sixties into an almost nostalgic forefront. And, as I wanted to have a soundtrack to accompany my images, I began searching for the appropriate music. After much experimentation, I have settled on Erik Satie Gymnopédie No.1, and the Velvet Underground clips were the obvious choice for the Warhol association. I am not a scholar of Andy Warhol, but when I started this work, to my astonishment, I learned that Erik Satie’s Vexations was an inspiration for Andy’s film 'Sleep'.

Overall, the piece is a reflection on how much our world has changed since the sixties, to the point that we can all be underwater some time soon, with ‘Ophelia’ or eternal feminine being a protagonist, while we are often feel ‘underwater’ in our individual struggles, and how much dreams are seemingly confined to the sleeping time only.

Duration: 60 sec


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