Vijayaraghavan.S(b.1981) is an Indian based visual artist focused on digital art, video art, stop-motion animation, drawing and painting. His core body of works expresses the search of human life and existence of exposing the dual forces or binaries operating in the day-to-day life, and the conceptual ideas of reciprocal visual dialogues of dehumanizing in the urban context. He has nominated for audience and jury award in the 60seconds short film festival organized by the Danish Art Foundation, Copenhagen, Denmark. Honorary Diploma in 2nd International Exhibition of Small Format Art, Lebanon. Viay’s work has been exhibited at museums and institutions including Danish Art Foundation, (Copenhagen), 59 rue de Rivoli, (Paris), BMECP Centre, (Brighton-UK), Leyden Gallery, (London), VideoBabel, (Spain), Lily Agius gallery, (Malta), CCA Centre for Contemporary Arts, (Glasgow), Galerie Toolbox, (Berlin), Miranda Kuo Gallery, (NY), Gallery Aferro, (NJ), LASALLE College of the Arts, (Singapore), Nomadic Festival Les Instants Vidéo, (France), Banff Center Banff, (Canada), FIVAC Camaguey, (Cuba), Gallery International, (Baltimore), Villa Paolina Bonaparte Museum of Viareggio, (Italy), PROYECTOR, (Spain) VIDEOHOLICA, (Bulgaria) SARAI READER 09” Curated by Raqs Media Collective - Devi Art Foundation, (New Delhi), Fugitive Video Project, (Nashville,USA) Hammer Museum (LA) NID - (Ahmadabad). |