To what extent

To what extent - Single channel stop motion animation, Year 2019
I tried to exploit the potential of sociopolitical, personal and emotional expressions raised over self-ideology and consciousness. In this single channel stop-motion animation video evolve through our unconscious being, colonized by motorization, sexual torture, violence, mechanization and urbanization, deforming the habitual and the mundane. I have attempted to externalize the schizophrenia of the contemporary everyday life facing the situation of intolerance of violation act and injustice against peace. It is our inner-voice to regenerate, re-create, re-question the human ethos for positive changes in social-political attitude in the democratic context.

Single Channel Animated Video Projection, No Sound, Duration: 00:02:28 sec, Year - 2019
Screened at: CosmiX III - Incantation, experimental cinema screening at 59, Rivoli, Paris, France


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