Sun Bather

Not a single thing depicted in Sun Bather seems to make sense when considered in connection to another. In Wenders' own words: "'Nothing exists without its opposite.' (Who the heck said that?) But what could the opposite of this be? And where would it exist? I couldn't help thinking that this "beach scene" in Palermo was already part of a parallel world."

Humidor shaped sun beds in ceramic tiles with popish colored Hirst-like spots parade in front of a romantic industrialism of cranes and harbor-industry at the horizon. Amidst all of it rests a lone bather in bright yellow swim trunks. He appears firmly cemented on his concrete beach, as if in conversation with the randomly red painted stone that faces him. Sun Bather, photographed in Palermo in 2007, must be one of the most iconic images of Wenders' "Strange and Quiet Places" series. What the image depicts is absolutely strange - so strange that it borders on the surreal; and the juxtapositions make it quiet: quiet because it looks like a place that could never actually exist.

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