Zero is an animation work which is part of Lifelongfiction, a collection of five artworks released on Sedition by Winston Duke.

Each work in the collection is a looping animation made as part of Duke's ongoing animation project of the same name.

Through his practice, Duke creates worlds in which hybrid forms swirl, ripple and pulsate. Reminiscent of the inhabitants of the deep ocean, the forms combine recognisable elements (hands, wings, a propagating plant), with freeform, experimental shapes and movements. The works Duke makes and the worlds he builds are heavily influenced by music and astronomy - he is interested in the otherworldly, the unknown, and the possibility of life in the darkness. Duke is also influenced by Japanese animation.

Duke's interest in black and white animation stemmed from his work as a photographer. Black and white photography's tonality, simplicity and clarity appealed to the artist. Over time, black and white animation has become for Duke a way to reach the otherworldly.

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