Astral Figures

The Figures of Light collection by Wisse Scheele is an exploration of dance, light, and space that breaks the boundaries of traditional art forms. Comprising four mesmerizing video artworks, this innovative collection marries Scheele's skill as a professional ballet dancer with cutting-edge digital technology.

In each piece, human figures are transformed into ethereal forms of light, their bodies fluidly dancing to the rhythm of music. Scheele's balletic expertise is the driving force behind these luminous figures, their movements a direct translation of his own.

As the audience, we are privy to an intimate depiction of dance, each figure's movement akin to the undulating motion of fabric caught in a breeze. The result is a visual symphony of light and motion, an immersive experience that extends beyond the physical limitations of traditional dance.

The magic begins with Scheele himself, as each dance is choreographed and performed by him. Drawing from his profound understanding of ballet, Scheele imagines what it would be like to move as light, to morph into a swift burst of brilliance, and to translate this idea into tangible shapes and movements. This choreography is not simply a series of steps; it is a vision of light and energy transformed into dance.

To bring this vision to life, Scheele uses a motion capture suit that is able to precisely capture all of his movements and transfer them into a digital 3D skeleton. Thanks to this marvelous technology, Scheele can accurately transfer all of the nuances of his choreography, ensuring every leap, turn, and flourish is preserved, without any technical limitations.

The final step of this process sees Scheele take this 3D skeleton and infuse it with life, adding a digital representation of light to create the stunning figures we see. These dancers are not merely represented as light; they become the light, their energy and expressiveness radiating from the screen.

It's crucial to underscore that these are not merely abstract representations. Behind every ripple and burst of light is Scheele himself, his movements meticulously captured and transformed into the 3D realm. This is not just an artistic expression, but a deeply personal narrative of Scheele's dance journey.

Figures of Light is a testament to the power of dance and the possibilities of digital art. It's an intimate portrayal of the artist's passion for ballet, encapsulated within the radiant figures that dance across the screen. It is, in essence, the embodiment of Scheele's belief that the beauty of dance extends beyond the physical realm, reaching into the very fabric of light and space.


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