Harmony in Motion

Harmony in Motion, a pivotal work in the Symmetry in Existence collection by Wisse Scheele, is where the digital and physical realms blend, orchestrating a symphony of movements. This piece is the apex of Scheele's artistic vision, a harmonious fusion where choreographed physicality and digital artistry intertwine. It's a ballet of two worlds, seamlessly synchronized, obscuring the boundaries between reality and the virtual, ushering the audience into a realm where every movement echoes the harmony of existence.

The collection Harmony in Motion is a part of, Symmetry in Existence, stands as a triptych of artistry, and is a testament to Scheele's dual mastery as a Dutch dancer and digital innovator. Through the medium of dance and technology, Symmetry in Existence forges a tangible link between the realms of the physical and the virtual. The collection is not just an artistic endeavor but a narrative, an exploration of the delicate balance between contrasting worlds. It invites the audience to experience the eloquence of symmetry and to witness the convergence of discipline and imagination.


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