Zade is a designer and videographer currently touring the United States. His artworks have been featured in films and performances across the US, Australia, India, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, and the UK. He aims to transform spaces with surreal recordings of fractals and flow in nature.

“Ever since childhood I’ve been fascinated by the curious way that liquids and gases evanesce. There’s something magical about movement with complexity beyond comprehension. Overwhelming the optical nerves produces a feeling of total immersion. Focusing on this sensation provides a momentary escape from ordinary reality, and that is what I’d like to share with you.

I’m a lucid dreamer. I create fantasy worlds in my sleep, then wake up and long to return. The perceptual potential of our brain is unimaginably immense. I’ve seen colors and patterns in dreams that have no waking equivalent. Psychedelics can spawn similar impressions, but not everyone is open to the intensity of those experiences. My goal is to abstract this ineffable sense of wonder onto the medium of a moving picture screen.”