Comme des Organismes

Comme des Organismes (2014) is a classic example of Zeitguised’s method and style. In attempt to anticipate the unexpected, the work explores unimaginable metamorphous form aggregations. Through the means of simulation they become consumable quasi-artefacts in the enigmatic light of potential realisation.

The cloud theme predominates Zeitguised’s work: a transitionary, metastable cloud that is nothing - yet becomes anything. A swarming system that shows symptoms of life and the agility of a connected organism, the cloud is a bastardisation of the abstract and the real as a twitching borderline between fiction and concretisation. In a post-anthropocentric motion, the cloud works postulate that the predictable merging of nano-, bio- and information technologies will render perpetually evolving shapes into real artifacts. Comme des Organismes combines yet juxtaposes tension, balance and surprise by exploring architectural structures and organic motion in tandem. What initially appears stable or symmetrical reveals itself as a transforming image that narrates a story - or more aptly, it triggers a story in the viewer’s mind.

The project is a reimagination of the Spring 2014 Women’s Collection by COMME des GARÇONS / Rei Kawakubo. The motion triptych shows an interpretation of what the initial concepts could have looked like if they would not have been realised as a line of runway clothes, but rather spontaneously realised themselves as autonomous life forms. The concept is a result of a collaboration between Antonio Trecel-Diaz, Erik Madigan Heck and Zeitguised.


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