Bite tongue, deep breaths

Bite tongue, deep breaths is part of the Digital Decade SE 2020 collection, curated by Designcollector Network. The collection launch is accompanied by an online exhibition and a mixtape.

BITE TONGUE, DEEP BREATHS, 2020 is a part of an ongoing series of digital artworks by Azamat Akhmadbaev. This artwork continues to explore the limits of digital art world, and it was inspired by a song by Clams Casino & Imogen Heap ‘I’m God’.

Having taken the repeating words ‘bite tongue, deep breaths’ from the song, the artist has transformed a sampled song’s melody and text into the colorful artwork with infinite number of layers. Using glitched, vandalized images and texts (in a special, manually designed fonts) as brushes on a digital canvas, Akhmadbaev represents a dualism of the digital and the real, physical world. Technically, the artist checks out the ability of auto and manual software tools to create the image with glitched, lost, degraded effects. Conceptually, the artist launches the self-reflexive process with a manifestation of his attitude to the legacy of the post-war (abstract painting) and 90’s (usage of computer technologies in art) periods. And references to the popular song are the digitally manipulated links with culture and time in history discourse.


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