MLTyRbDY, 2020 is a video piece by Azamat Akhmadbaev which is part of his collection MCR_XPRMNT+SND

Continuing his experiments with macro shooting and electronic music, the artist opens a new chapter in the series of glitch art experiments - MLTyRbDY, 2020.

The work references the kaleidoscope; bubbles and patterns of color are emphasised in this video. Every second the high resolution seen on current TV monitors is inverted, creating a low aesthetic from high resolution. The work explores the formation of a new kind of kitsch in the digital space.

In the video, the viewer can see how the perception of colors and sounds transforms through 'low-reality' and melts a viewer's body in a metaphysical sense.

This work constitutes a new stage in postmodernist exploration. It plays with our cultural and social legacy through experiments in digital space, and invites us to find another way of connecting temporally, spatially and culturally with the world.


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