Brendi Wedinger

Los Angeles

Brendi Wedinger is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Los Angeles, California. She creates within the mediums of 3D digital arts, sculpture and floristry. Her work captivates the senses through its tactile and emotional nature, and sits at an abstracted middle point between real-life and fantasy. Throughout her vibrant and imaginative pieces, you will find an impression of nature that has been remixed into a new, surreal visual reality.

Wedinger's work has been shared in numerous print and online publications including Viewpoint Magazine, Dezeen, Surface Magazine, Notion Magazine and WGSN. Wedinger has exhibited globally including at Alcova Milan Design Week 2022 in collaboration with furniture design studio Prowl, Satellite Art Exhibition in Sydney, Australia in 2022 and Design Museum Gent's Kleureyck Van Eyck’s Colours in Design Exhibition in 2020.


2020 Kleureyck Van Eyck’s Colours in Design Design Museum Gent