Cida de Aragon

Las Vegas, USA
Cida de Aragon holds a MA in Photography and the Electronic Image from Goldsmiths College London, and BA in Architecture from the University of São Paulo. Currently, she is a student in the MFA Program and Graduate Assistant at UNLV. Originally, from São Paulo (Brazil), Cida lived, studied, and worked in London, Berlin, and in Australia. Cida de Aragon's installations represent an audio-visual mapping of urban spaces that create ephemeral experiences, combining disciplines such as architecture, video art, photography, sound and digital design – sometimes using coding and interactivity to manipulate her installations. Although her projects are varied, she always starts with research and develops first a concept or narrative. The cities where she has lived have always been the source of her works. “I think every experience in my life has shaped my way of thinking – from living in São Paulo, London, Berlin, Sydney and Perth, to going to Goldsmith's College in London, and living in Las Vegas. In the 1990s, after the Wall had come down, I lived and worked in Berlin, which was an extremely interesting time and great influence for me.” -- Cida de Aragon, 2021

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