Ivaylo Voshtinarov

Sofia - Bulgaria
Ivaylo Voshtinarov ( born 1980 in Sofia / - Bulgaria ) Graduated in traditional painting and digital arts in 1998, his career is a continuation of family traditions in the world of oil painting. He later started working as a Multimedia Director at Code Assistance and Bohemia Interactive LTD. Over the years he has often been invited to various universities as a guest lecturer in the field of digital arts in topics like "Form and Light", "From Pigments to Pixels" and many more... In 2011 he founded the studio "Voshtinarov Arts Gallery" continuing the family traditions of oil painting and in 12 years he has more than 1500 oil paintings around the world. In the digital world, he bravely manages to maintain his impressionistic approach to work by painting in one session, creating a momentary feeling without the use of layers. He believes that this part of the traditional in the digital should be preserved, which gives the uniqueness of the fast transmitted feeling on the digital canvas. Ivaylo Voshtinarov “In my paintings everything is reduced to simplistic forms and well-defined light and the rest is a work of your imagination" The simple shapes and the free movement of his brush make the observer become part of his work and thus the desired success is achieved. He believes that the soul of every home is in the art he has collected. Ivaylo Voshtinarov “ When art loses the influence of human emotion we can say that - humanity has lost itself!”