Elsbeth Hill

Auckland, New Zealand
Born in the UK (1971) Currently residing in New Zealand I completed a Bachelor of Applied Arts in 2012 When I rub my eyes with the heel of my palm I see fizzy monochrome patterns like interference on a TV set The sensation is both pleasure and pain and its hard to stop rubbing Even when I know its leaving black kohl smudges on my hands and around my eyes. I know it will make my wrinkles worse but I still do it. Everything I like doing is bad for me Sex Smoking Eating Sunbathing Watching TV So I get Older No Wiser Wrinklier When I die they'll kick down the door of my house and find me spreadeagled in a lazy boy chair Wearing Panda eyes and a naughty scarlet lipstick smile It will be all over CNN Facebook Twitter and parodied on The Simpsons (fingers crossed) Often dark but playful, I explore voyeurism, identity and my inability to punctuate correctly, through the genre of printmaking across a number of media. Found objects, packing tape, digital photography, video, paper my iPad and poetry are just some of the materials I use. C.V. Keep Passing the Open Windows - Sanderson Contemporary Art - Auckland NZ - 2013 Compact Print - Australia, New Zealand , Singapore - 2013 Us Now - New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts - NZ- 2013 Snap to Grid - LACDA - Los Angeles U.S.A. - 2013 VI Departing - Kerikeri NZ - 2012 Lorg International Print Exhibition. Galway. Eire - 2012 Upcoming Solo Exhibition - Jiggery Pokery - Art at Wharepuke October 2013

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