Emma Elliott is a British artist whose central concerns are the incongruous and hypocritical aspects of humanity and our connections with history and animality. Working primarily across sculpture and painting, she explores the relationships between the refined and the primitive, the physical and the spiritual. She examines the human condition from up close and afar, honing in on minute anatomical and psychological details and broadly surveying the influences of our collective past on present behaviour, often in the same piece.

Elliott was classically trained in painting and figurative sculpture both in the UK and Italy. Her work combines the high level craftsmanship and technique resulting from this training with a fearless questioning of ideology, religion, philosophy and society.

Elliott has exhibited widely, including at on form 18 at Asthall Manor, 2018; The Hundred Years Gallery, 2016; Lacey Contemporary, 2014; The Society Of Portrait Sculptors, Cork Street, 2010. Her work is held in a number of prestigious private collections, including No. 10 Downing Street, Alex Soros and the McAlpine family. Recognition of her work includes the Winter Pride 2014 and Passion for Freedom 2015 awards.



2018 Art & Reconciliation Knapp Gallery | Regents University
2018 on form 18 Asthall Manor | Cotswolds
2018 The London Ultra Bargehouse Gallery | Oxo Tower Wharf
2018 Ace Club 2 Candid Arts Gallery
2018 Passion For Freedom Festival ROA Gallery | Pall Mall
2016 Not A Champagne Life Hundred Years Gallery
2016 Reconciliation Launch | Noho Studios
2015 Annual Exhibition Chelsea Art Society, Kings Road, London, UK
2015 Passion For Freedom Mall Galleries, London, UK
2014 Emma Elliott Knight Webb Gallery, Brixton, London, UK