| This Biography is about the Artist Mathematical ErikFlock (a.k.a. F A.M. E) an Electronic Engineering Technologist who began his artistic career by developing electronic deductive intelligence using a self-devised mathematical formula and a computer. He will no doubt render his artistic vision for the future with his fancy algorithmic code and shiny calculation box until a riot of creation manifests into an exit to the stars leaving behind a wealth of technical and artistic achievements... and poetry || Moments fall as Leaves / Below the perception of Trees / Time curves around the Earth Moon and Stars / We are not to touch but to Know || ErikFlock has Exhibited his Art at the Libre Graphics Meeting 2016 in London England / Gallery West University of Westminster | Publishes Digital Machine and Computer Generative Art in 'Pixel Pigment' with s[edition] and has released 'AwayGate' A Computer Generative Art | Extending Thanks To All | Note: ErikFlock is a mathematical artist and theorist. He envisioned an algorithm to predict a series of prime numbers in a square, defined the composition as a fractal, and creates computer generative art of artistic and technical merit '...of equivalent infinity and figurative plausibility' simply stated 'Art Has Made The Man.' A.M. EF (a.k.a. F A.M. E)

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New artwork The Still Life of Faintain-Latour by Claudia Hart is available.

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