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A digital art work created in 2012.

What is interesting is she titles her works by their date of birth. It started because she did not, immediately, have a name for the image she finished working on or did not want to spend time thinking about the title but wanted to work straight on to the next image and saved the file with that particular date. Later on, she thought it was cool to title them in digits because these are digital art works.

She does not manipulate photographs or any other outside material but implements the available resources made possible by various soft wares. The whole process happens almost intuitively, inspired by color and form. She does not plan her work.

She opens a file from her worksheet, at random, and starts working on it. She continues modifying the colors and forms till she experiences an intense feeling washing over her. These projects are saved.

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Render 280212 2by Filomina Pawar

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