Idun Isdrake is an artist, game designer and film director born in Sweden in the early eighties. Their work is concerned with Nordic/Arctic Futurism from a solarpunk perspective; often visualising speculative scenarios of biology and technology in harmony. This includes works ranging from landscape photography and art house games, to cyborg implant interfaces and counter tactic body modifications designed to protect privacy and diversify human expression.They thrive at the intersection of the classic and the unknown, the peaceful and the violent, restlessly developing and testing new materials and tools, or pushing the existing beyond and in-between the conventional. They are a recipient of several film and game awards, listed at, and a member of the London-based body>data>space collective of pioneers in digital arts, and the Montreal-based Hexagram research center. Isdrake also founded Swedens first game innovation lab and game art gallery, contributing to increased diversity, social wellbeing and digital literacy in several areas. Isdrake has Master degrees in Film and Archaeology, and a wide selection of course credits in geology, photography, curation, information technologies and cognitive sciences, and is about to embark on a PhD journey researching empowering, embedded technologies. They are also a frequent guest teacher at art and tech universities in Europe, as well a speaker at the EU commission and several conferences and festivals.