Per Jonsson, also known as Peajey, is a renowned visual effects artist and digital artist based in Stockholm and Los Angeles. With over two decades of experience, Jonsson has become a master of his craft, working predominantly in film and television. Jonsson's work is characterized by its mesmerizing digital aesthetic, exploring the themes of movement and momentum in innovative ways. He has gained international recognition for his exceptional talent. He has been showcased at several esteemed events, including NFT ART WEEK Hangzhou, NFT ART WEEK SHENZHEN, and NFT ART WEEK BEIJING. His work has also been displayed on giant screens in Times Square, further solidifying his position as one of the most influential and exciting artists in the digital art world. In 2020, Jonsson received a prestigious Guldbagge award for his work on the movie Aniara, cementing his reputation as a highly skilled and accomplished artist. Through his continued dedication to his craft and cutting-edge art, Per Jonsson has established himself as a leading figure in digital art and visual effects.