The photographer and image maker, Jane Munro, has explored the themes of existence, cognizance and conflict throughout her work attempting to create a prism of understanding to identify the nexus that can both propel us forward or tie us with a rope to a rock. It is a campaign against the binary. Her most recent work covers the elemental. Instinct and reason are at the heart of perception and the elements of both fire and water have been high on the agenda to challenge our determinations as humans. Fire is both a source of warmth and of cooking – water essential to the inception of life and yet and yet, they can also lay waste, devastate and consume us. Both inhabit our residual memory, inform our decisions and walk alongside our everyday experiences. Jane Munro. BA Hons. In Film and Photography,Polytechnic of Central London in 1981. Collaborating with Jo Spence and Mary Ann Kennedy, in the Collective, PolySnappers. The exhibition Family, Fantasy and Photography toured the UK in 1982 and and was re-shown in Edinburgh in 2016.Subsequent years have been filled with commercial work – Jane Munro Photography London 1982 – 1987, Creative Director Preece Munro Design and Photography 1988 – 1993. Jane Munro Fotografia España 1994 – Present. CURRENT: Creative Director: ART TO HOUSE. Clients have included D&AD, Canon, Jaguar, The Royal Ballet,Yellowhammer Advertising, Dorlands Advertising, McCann Erikson and BBH.