Jaykoe’s work operates at the intersection of globalisation, urban development and postcolonialism in the wake of accelerated capitalism. His practice explores the intricacies of the metropolis looking at alternative uses of city spaces as they become more densely populated, and issues of urban planning, social control, psychogeography, gentrification and community. The legacy of colonialism and imperialism shaped the multicultural city of London where the artist was born. His work encompasses a range of mixing and sampling processes that reference subcultural activities and movements such as Parkour, Hip Hop culture and the Situationists. Drawing is the foundation of his practice, expanding outwards to an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates painting, sculpture, video, installation, performance and books. He seeks to reveal the interweaving layers of the city, mapping out his research as he moves around the metropolis. With his background as a soundsystem DJ, he experiments with techniques used in audio sampling, translating them to the visual realm. He is also informed by the concept of pirate radio, through the notion of networked performances across global cities, constructing spaces of positive interaction between different groups and cultures.