Jeff Smith is an abstract artist focusing on the conflict of color and texture, finding resolution through perceived movement within the canvas. Smith has pursued the resolution of dissonance throughout his varied career, which encompasses a number of different creative outlets. Smith creates primarily within the digital art space, but his background includes fine art as well as graphic design, film, animation, and both generative and hand-painted NFTs. Smith was born into an artistic family where his talent was fostered from a young age. But as a twenty-something, Smith soured on the art-as-commerce path and lost interest in being an artist. Instead, Smith set his sites of filmmaking and moved to Los Angeles. During his 14 years in Hollywood, he worked with every major studio and network, receiving numerous Broadcast Design Awards. He also created special on-air content for the 71st Annual Academy Awards. After retiring from the entertainment business, Smith began rediscovering his love of fine art through the new medium of digital art. He now creates abstract art and pop art from his studio in Houston, Texas with his wife Sebrina Zerkus Smith, a writer.