Joana Lopes is a portuguese visual artist based in Barcelona, Spain. She studied Graphic Design and completed the studies in with a master in Motion Design & 3D. With more than 20 years of experience, she owns a solid and vast expertise in the graphic design domain and the visual field. Besides her work as a graphic designer, she worked as VJ, with a residency at Nitsa, sala Apolo, and since then has been inseparably united to the field of the new media of the artistic creation and visual expression; besides contributing to deeply explore the creative possibilities of images and movement. She was published as visual art creator at Lightrhythm Visuals label, in 2007, with several pieces, participated in several music festivals, between 2004 and 2008, and some years later, in 2018, created music videos under the labels Ipecac and Three One G. Her visual work embraces some sort of dark sci-fi passing through elements as semi-abstract animation, mixing resources and techniques taken to a very creative level: her visuals easily adapt and move in distinctive levels between darkness, geometry, abstract and real world and conceptual. As a retired video-jockey, she now dedicates herself to graphic design and the creation of visuals and video collections for other fellow Vj’s and other forms of art projections.

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