Born in London, Joshua Leon has lived in Canada and Berlin. Leon studied art in Canada before returning to London to work as an artist and poet. His work is described as an exploration of psychological narratives. Leon’s recent work Finger, Arouses, Ear (2015) is a video with text in which a nymph dances hypnotically in a pool of water whilst attempting to seduce the spectator. Injected with elements of sex and violence, Leon’s work toys with our appetite and appreciation for the perverse, before candidly returning to the nymph and her seductive dance.

Leon’s work has been presented in exhibitions including, Bowels, Royal College of Art, London; WIP, Royal College of Art, London; The Campaign, Royal College of Art, Dyson Gallery, London; The Creative Spark, London; DAWN, Bernard Raphael Gallery, London; BP Spotlight Street Photography Exhibition, Tate Britain, London; and Estuary, Museum of London.

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