owning a piece of my art probably won’t ‘change your life.’ but it might make you pause, breathe, smile and remember to get lost … just a little more often. the backstory i’m an artist, but not the ‘tortured’ kind. basically: I’m a self-taught painter with a background in graphic + interior design. which means I respect + appreciate focused instructions, happy collaborations, meaningful deadlines — and clients who pay up on time. i started painting several years ago, without any big plans or ambitions. it was hard, unpredictable, time-consuming — and fun. by the end of day one, i was hooked. one gallery show led to another, and before long i was selling paintings to friends, family + a handful of local fans. local sales turned into national sales. national sales turned into licensing deals. bulk orders from CB2 came knocking, along with flash sales at fab.com, pops-ups in people magazine — and flattering attention from a couple of those ‘home makeover’ reality tv sh