Lénie Blue

j’habite de l’autre côté de la rive là où l’eau claire et gélive est bonne à boire


'CITIZEN VIDEO PATTERN' is a video transposition of manufactured protest products designed from an attempt on protest slogans cataloging, trying it hand at being universal and intended for the greatest number, regardless of their natures: humans, intelligent machines (robots, AI, deep learning programs, chatbots...), others (foreign civilizations including alien lives).

The blue color chosen is directly inspired by the one mainly used by graphic convention on the web (hyperlinks) and the logos color of the large Internet companies, mostly well-versed in social networking (Google Translation, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Linkedin...).

The typeface used for this project is the Roboto font that Google uses on Android phones.

The blood red color has been added in the course of variations as a deliberately 'humanized' counterpart to the blue color.

Two versions exist:
- a 23sec citizen-pattern video loop or not usually distributed with transparent background designed to be used in VJing context, mapping videos, concerts, event visuals, live video performances... as visual stimulus to citizenship;
- this version: 'CITIZEN VIDEO PATTERN (crash-test)'. A crash-test of this theme video proposal obtained from editing applications that format mainstream videos with effects and filters: an own interpretation of the theme.


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