Letta Shtohryn is a Ukrainian born / Internationally based contemporary artist working predominantly with moving image, sculpture, installation, text, intervention and photography. Letta has got a background in Philosophy/Sociology (University of Vienna) and Photography (Art School Vienna). MFA in Digital Arts ( University of Malta) Growing up as a nomad between an uncertain East and an ordered West, my practice is a result of the conflicting experiences of both. In my work, I investigate the structure and nature of reality. Frequently, my practice has time as an underlying theme and examines our relationship to space – physical, personal, legal, or perceived. I also engage with realities that are at odds with each other: a dictatorial narrative, witness statements, paradoxes, or materials that claim to be not what they seem. My research extends to the balance of truth and myth; it asks questions about the real and the artificial; it explores the ontological existence of objects and operates within the state between the digital and the tangible, and looks for space between comfort and discomfort. Website - evglettashtohryn.com