Copy Paste: Piksel Cybersalon

Copy Paste: Piksel Cybersalon

From 9 to 13 September, LoVid were part of a group exhibition organised by Piksel as part of Ars Electronica. Documentation of the show and its connected events are available to watch online.

Copy Paste was presented as part of the AEGardenBERGEN programme of events, hosted at Piksel CyberSalon, the online hub designed by Malitzin Cortés. The show was curated by Antonio Roberts, whose interest in notions of the copy and the copyleft movement has driven a series of Copy Paste exhibitions, including one at Piksel in May and June, of which this is the latest. 

The artists exhibiting in Copy Paste - LoVid, Carol Breen, LoVid, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez + Julien Deswaef, and Duncan Poulton - each feature copying as a key aspect of their work. Through the exhibition and associated programme of talks and events, they look closely at the act and aesthetics, morals and ethics of copying, exploring how copying relates to the circulation of knowledge and power. “The exhibition aims to show that copying is natural, encouraging to re-think the way we create/share/copy and paste.” - Piksel.

As part of the exhibition, Roberts hosted a curator’s walk-through of the artworks on display (watch the walkthrough below) on 10 September. Roberts also presented an algorave with Alex McLean on 13 September. On 11 September Maya Minder of Hackteria presented Worship - Dinner Performance in collaboration with Dana Iskakova and Takhir Yakyharov; the performance worked with elements of ASMR - Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response - to explore how sound conveys emotions. On 12 September Constant presented a lecture titled Re-imagining Copyleft. Video recordings of these events can be watched here.

For the exhibition, LoVid presented 3D scans of fabrics from their Young Antiquities project. The artists used photogrammetry to create 3D digital forms from textiles; the 3D forms, displayed in digital space, bring a solidity or concreteness to the fabric. LoVid invited exhibition visitors to download files of the digital objects to print in 3D.


Image via Antonio Roberts.

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