Sedition Art Chats at The Curtain: Overlap

Sedition Art Chats at The Curtain: Overlap

On Wednesday 23 October from 7 to 9pm Sedition present a discussion between Overlap (formed by Michael Denton and Anna McCrickard) and Rory Blain, Director of Sedition at The Curtain in Shoreditch. The discussion is part of Sedition Art Chats at The Curtain, a programme which brings artists and professionals together in intimate conversation to explore the influence of digital media on art-making, collecting, and curating. Following the discussion, the audience is invited to join in on a Q&A with the artist. RSVP here.

The discussion takes place alongside the launch of Rooms, a new group of artworks on Sedition which complete Overlap’s four recent series of digital iterations. Audiences will be automatically entered in a draw to win one unique iteration of Rooms and ten editions of Overlap's earlier work Aquatint . The recipient of the Rooms artwork will be announced during the event.

Overlap will introduce their practice, which combines electronic art and music, often exploring the zones where the digital and natural worlds meet. The discussion will look at the challenges and possibilities involved in audiovisual composition, the interactions and slippages between audio and visuals, and how digital image making and organic forms influence one another in Overlap’s work. It will also look at the influence of digital media on art making, collecting, sale, display and curation.

RSVP is required to attend and there is limited capacity. To find the event, please use the Members Entrance on Scrutton St between Curtain Rd and Phipp St, not the Hotel Lobby. Please note that a term of hosting this event in a member's club and hotel requires us to share your name and email address with the venue. All attendees must be 21 or over.

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