Novi_sad Performs IIC and Sirens Internationally Throughout Spring

Novi_sad Performs IIC and Sirens Internationally Throughout Spring

During Spring 2017, Novi_sad will bring live audiovisual performances of his works IIC and Sirens to a string of locations throughout the world.

In April, the artist performs IIC, a 30 minute audiovisual work produced in collaboration with Isaac Niemand based on sound and image material collected in Iceland, in three different locations in Japan; FORUM, Kyoto; Super Deluxe, Tokyo and NASAA / Solfa, Tokyo.

Following his tour of Japan, Novi_sad will travel to Spain where on 29 April he will perform Sirens at LEV festival in Gijon. Sirens is a collaboration between Novi_sad and Ryoichi Kurokawa which transforms financial algorithms into audiovisual composition; those who purchase the full collection as digital editions on Sedition receive a complimentary book and audio CD from the project.

Novi_sad then visits the US and Canada, performing IIC at Gray Area Festival in San Francisco, US on 5 May and FIMAV Festival, Victoriaville, CA on 20 May.

To hear about the upcoming news and activities, follow Novi_sad on Sedition.

Event dates:

  • 7 April: IIC at FORUM, Kyoto, JP
  • 15 April: IIC at Super Deluxe, Tokyo, JP
  • 16 April: IIC at NASAA / Solfa, Tokyo, JP
  • 29 April: Sirens at LEV Festival, Gijon, ES
  • 5 May: IIC at Gray Area Festival, San Francisco, US
  • 20 May: IIC at FIMAV Festival, Victoriaville, CA
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