The (Un)Holy Trinity at Art in Flux: Radical Embodiment in Barbican

The (Un)Holy Trinity at Art in Flux: Radical Embodiment in Barbican

Laura Jean Healey, a visual artist and filmmaker, presents her acclaimed artwork, The (Un)Holy Trinity at Art in Flux: Radical Embodiment in Barbican, London on 10th November 2022. Curated by Maria Almena & Olive Gingrich, it puts together films and performances addressing 'the ritual embodiment and the politics of gender'. 

A Still from Eve by Laura Jean Healey

Laura Jean Healey’s practice involves a specific focus on exploring the male gaze in art and film, which can be represented as a camera and an agent behind it. Healey also reconstructs female objectification and re-appropriates female gender images.

The (Un)Holy Trinity is a three-channel video installation that boldly examines female images and narratives through a Biblical lens and reverses the power dynamics of the subject and object in front of the camera, and in front of history.

Healey borrows Eve, Lilith and Salome from the holy stories symbolising failures of good womanly values, corruption and warning for a woman of their ‘defiance, aggression, or desire for autonomy.’ And Healey shows, Eve, Lilith and Salome without shame, but with 'inner strength' and power. They are all looking straight at the camera and the audience behind the screen. There’s no sign of three (un)holy women are conforming and do not need any confirmation of traditional, patriarchal belief. They are entire.

A still from Salome by Laura Jean Healey

The (Un)Holy Trinity was produced in collaboration with Sedition, an online digital gallery platform, to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Art in Flux: Radical Embodiment also features Tiffany Trenda, Kimatica Studio, Paul Kindersley, Camille Baker, Olive Gingrich, Laura Jean Healey, Ro Greengrass & Maddy James, The Analema Group, Bart Seng, John Lucy, Wes Viz and Ugly Kiki.

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Top Image: Kimatica Studio, Transcendence.

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