Ten Blows, Rose

Ten Blows comprises of a series of ten short video works featuring Givenchy garments that have been borrowed from a Parisian fashion collector. Alluring in their atmosphere, the individual films are composed of clothing succumbing to the bracing winds in the Mojave Desert, California in an aircraft boneyard.

From where Vic choreographs these simple sequences of coloured clothing that have either been tied to the skeletal frame of a discarded aircraft or rooted to the runway, energetically oscillates against the indelible outline of a dismantled aircraft carrier. As much as these beautiful costumes appear entirely out of place, they do linger in the air as much as they might in the imagination - as a measure of the enduring elegance of these material garments in their alien setting.

Specific works like Ten Blows, G-747 create these almost operatic scenes, of a vast stretch of undiluted blue sky with the carcass of an aircraft in the middle distance; and a black pleated garment ballooning in on itself in the foreground. The piece Ten Blows, Rose in which the pink material appears almost ghost like, as it wrestles with the air within this aircraft shell devoid of all of its mechanical body-parts. Ten Blows, Pilot, in which an entirely transparent black blouse undulates inside a dismembered cockpit. All of which is accompanied by the slight sound of an abrasive breeze animating the clothing uncontrollably.

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Ten Blows, Roseby MARIEVIC
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Ten Blows, Rose
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February 19, 2018
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