Matteo Zamagni: Nature Abstraction 2.0 and Seven Orbits

Matteo Zamagni: Nature Abstraction 2.0 and Seven Orbits

Matteo Zamagni 's powerful installation works submerge viewers in alternative worlds rich with sonic, visual, digital and physical compositions. In early 2020 the artist presents work as part of a group exhibition celebrating the installation format, and releases an ambitious collaborative new performance.

Nature Abstraction 2.0 at Teknopolis

Until 8 March, Nature Abstraction 2.0, an immersive installation by Matteo Zamagni in collaboration with Marco Martignone and Daniel Ben Hur, is on display as part of an experimental digital arts festival at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.Teknopolis 2020, which opened on 22 February, is the fourth installment of the annual festival showcasing independent, exploratory creative projects combining art and technology. This year's festival features works by Zamagni, Lieven van Velthoven, 2020CV, Aidan Wolf, Tetsuto Takahashi and Maiko Moshimura, and Jing Yan among others.

Nature Abstraction 2.0 is part of Zamagni’s ongoing research into transformative digital environments, and in particular into the connection between human, animal and digital realms. His research explores the capacity of immersive art to explore “consciousness, quantum physics, neuroscience, sacred geometries, fractals, ancient civilizations, the etheric body, the astral plane”, and connections between them, in a single space. Visitors to the installation can use remote controls to change the complex topography of their surroundings. Nature Abstraction 2.0 intends to challenge visitors’ perceptions of their surroundings.

Seven Orbits

In March 2020 Zamagni also launches a new immersive audiovisual performance in collaboration with SVBKVLT, Gooooose, 33EMYBW and Zaliva. Seven Orbits combines live physical interactions, sound composition, live sound played on Digital Audio Workstations, software-generated real-time graphics and physical interfaces. The work intends to disorientate and overwhelm, inviting visitors to transcend into altered states and altered consciences. Seven Orbits continues Zamagni’s ongoing investigation into the capacity of light, sound and vibration to induce transcendence and connection with other beings, and his exploration of the power and practice of religion and ritual.

A digital album from the project, EP0001, by SVBKVLT, is available to pre-order now - purchases can access one track immediately to download or to stream on Bandcamp, and will receive the complete album when released.

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