Software engineer, Nathalia Rus had a few of her philosophical essays on the structures of power and belief systems published in the Edinburgh Journal of Politics and International Relations, and awarded the Oikos Prize at the WTO model in Geneva. Now working in an environment where Artificial Intelligence is heavily debated, she started writing personal essays on Art in the age of Machine Intelligence, and quickly became fascinated with the study of the human psyche. Many things can be programmed. Art and music can be programmed; but the human psyche is intrinsic. Its underlying structure evades all rules. Nathalia sees art as the medium to explore our inner human complexities. She uses vectors make sense of the connections which defy logic and time. Nathalia Rus is a French self-taught software engineer, composer, president of the 2018 Edinburgh Women in Tech Conference, ex-Goldmanite and Google scholar. She was elected the 16th Woman to Watch in the UK by the Future 100 (JP Morgan) and the Most Influential Woman at the University of Edinburgh.