Néstor Prieto is a Galician artist born in 1982. He works focused in universal themes like the fear to death, the passage of time and the existential questions we leave out every day, but he work in a pragmatic way. He is focus in social problems too and considerate that our modern society is always procrastinating. As a video artist, he has participated in festivals in Spain, Greece, Argentina, Bolivia, Israel, Colombia, etc… He has also participated with his video "UMBRA I" in the 15th edition of the Spanish Film Festival of Malaga, as well as in numerous festivals specialized in video art. Prieto is a founding member of the cultural management company Art House Madrid, and create with Francisco Brives the "La Neomudejar Museum" focused in New Media Arts. He is co-director of the center since its opening in June 2013. He is the current director of IVAHM, an international video art festival founded by Brives and Prieto in 2012. IVAHM is a non-competitive festival held every year in Madrid, which shows not only works but also projects of artistic exchange between The different participating countries. He work like curator of video for Museums and Festivals in Spain, South Korea, Russia, Israel, Ethiopia, Argentina, Mexico, Morocco, Ukraine and Brazil.