Somewhere We Will Meet Again (White Version)

Pascal Haudressy’s digital edition Somewhere We Will Meet Again (White Version) is derived from a series of video works featuring internal organs from the human body; including the heart, lungs, and brain. Laid bare in a forensic-like setting, Haudressy’s simulated heart is starkly devoid of all of its associated body parts, as it appears delicately suspended by a mesh of impenetrable thread that has enveloped it entirely. When animated, the transparent organ elegantly vacillates as it would were blood pumping through its chambers - beating beneath an elastic membrane of jagged lines that stretches with every detail of movement. The work can be likened to a virus that has taken hold, as the heart appears as restricted as it is animated. With the moving image acting unpredictably, as a calculated set of contours appear and disappear in a state of generative flux, it makes for a compelling composition of technology and tenderness; one upon the other.

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