A film by Philip Clemo.
In Magnetic, matter is pulled apart by the sheer power of sound and the ebb and flow of an ever-changing musical soundscape. The film explores magnetism and the forces of attraction that are all around us. It also reflects Clemo’s investigation into how sound vibrates within us and alters us.

The film challenges familiarity through the use of extreme slow motion and micro abstraction and encourages us to let go of observing our visual world in analytical ways. Instead, it encourages the audience to embrace abstraction and ambiguity in ways that we might do with sound.
The artist asks: “Could we begin to see the world around us as we might listen to a musical composition?”

The track Magnetic is from Philip Clemo’s Dream Maps album. It is composed by Philip Clemo & Arve Henriksen. You can learn more about Philip Clemo's Dream Maps album here.

An official selection of the 2021 European Short Film Festival
Semi-finalist project of the Spring edition of the International Cosmopolitan Film Festival of Tokyo 2022
Semi-Finalist of the 2022 Paris International Short Festival
Semi-Finalist of the 2022 Rotterdam Independent Film Festival
An official selection of the London Music Video Festival 2022

Imagery shot by Philip Clemo, Colin Gray & Paul Lilley.
Film directed and edited by Philip Clemo
With thanks to Dr Jonathan Graham, Kenya Ebersole and Ametek Phantom slow-motion cameras in the making of this project.

At the end of the track, you will hear the heartbeat of a humpback whale. Thank you to Jorge Reynolds and Daniel Lancheros of Seguimiento de Corazón via Satélite, Colombia for the use of this recording.

Contributing Musicians:
Evi Vine voice
Arve Henriksen trumpet
Byron Wallen trumpet, flugelhorn
Pip Eastop french horn
Oren Marshall tuba
Sarah Homer clarinet, bass clarinet
Kevin Pollard piano, vox continental, farfisa
Thomas Bloch ondes martenot, glass harmonica
Emily Burridge cello
Peter Gregson cello
Simon Edwards electric bass, double bass, guitarrón, bass ukulele
John Edwards double bass
Martin Ditcham drums, percussion, sound textures
Dirk Wachtelaer drums
Martin France drums
Recorded by Phill Brown, Philip Clemo and others.
Mixed by Philip Clemo, with assistance from Phill Brown
Produced by Philip Clemo

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