Pierre Rebetez grew up in a world undergoing technological change. He has naturally nourished his imagination to this popular culture that is reflected everywhere in our society. But he also had an early vocation as a video artist. And it is quite naturally that he brought the theme of moving images into his creations. It is from the Vjing - this other symbol of modernity - that he first of all borrows the most important part of his inspirations. Through the work of twisting and assembling, these videos become compositions, animated paintings. The unique sound completes their foundation, which gives his neo pop art creations a masterful strength. Thus take shape hybrid and richly chromatized compositions. They are crossed by 3D flows that reinforce their general dynamism. These video paintings sometimes look like some classics, and thus become works of art: this is all the mischief of their creator. Pierre has received a number of awards for his work. - Events/Exibitions: Video Performance at the sanatoriy Rodina, Sochi, 2020 Video Performance at The circle Light Moskow international Festival, 2019 Video Performance at the Wiener Hotel, Vienna, 2019 Video Performance at Journées européennes du patrimoine, Lille, 2017 Residency at the Anti Sonar Festival, Barcelona 2004-2007 Residency at tweakfest, festival for digital culture and livestyle, Zurich, 2005-2010 Residency at loop Festival, Barcelona, 2011