Santiago Castro Pulido

I was born on February 19, 1987 in Nemocón, Cundinamarca, Colombia. Since I was 14 years old I have written graffiti and executed art projects in the public space under the pseudonyms Cazdos and Word in the streets of Bogotá and other cities around the world. I´m a Master in fine arts from the Universidad de Los Andes. I am currently studying the fourth and final thesis seminar in the Master in History of Art, Architecture and the City at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. I have specialized in weaving the urban history area with the plastic arts. I focus my work in develop the tensions of city throught the performance and street walk like an aesthetic form of knowledge, in this way graffiti action is for me an a prosthesis that give me tools to explore the public space in multiple sence. And the other hand, i am interested in the Landscape like theme and motive in a lot of studio works, where I work in painting, fine art drawing, and in-situ instalations. My works and mural pieces can be seen in Bogotá, and the most important cities of Colombia; and in cities of the world like Sao Pablo (Brazil), San Salvador (El Salvador), Istanbul (Turkey), Ankara (Turkey), Lisbon (Portugal), Amman (Jordan), Ottawa (Canada), Antwerp (Belgium), Miami (United States), Lima (Peru), Buenos Aires ( Argentina), Madrid (Spain), Lyon, Toulouse, Paris (France), and Berlin (Germany) /// You can look my artwork at: