Welcome to my art collection. I am a kiwi and reside in New Zealand. I am a twin, - my twin is a Graphic Designer. We grew up in a large family of 4 boys and 4 girls. My father was a Surgeon and my Mum an Artist. I have been creating vector art in illustration form for over 10 years. I enjoy this very much. Basically you can take a photo and create it into a wonderful artwork. I have created naive scenes also. These scenes incorporate creatures of varying kinds. Moa's escape is a favorite of mine. Moa was a giant prehistoric bird that once roamed the New Zealand landscape, as you can see in his picture he is trying to escape a volcanic eruption. Initially I started a career in nursing and ended up working in Operating Rooms for 25 years. I worked in London and Dubai too. I had to change tac in my career due to Chronic Pain issues and burn out. Currently I am involved in the detection of skin cancers and skin surveillance. The sun here in NZ is so dangerous at times, you can burn after 5pm on a summer's day here! I work part time with that so now I have been able to devote my passion to art and knitting. It is like a switch has been turned on now and hopefully that switch will never turn off! Initially I moved back from Dubai in 2013 and lived in Auckland. Some of my illustrations are from areas where I lived in Auckland. Auckland City Skyline was originally a photo I took from the sixth floor of one of the Hospitals I was working at. I also have Auckland City by Night.