Dr. Tripti Singh

Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Born in 1976 in Kanpur, UP, India. She had been awarded as up coming artist of Uttar Pradesh during her master degree in 2000. She is first Indian research scholar who has documented Indian digital art history in PhD degree, Visual Arts Dept., Banasthali University, Raj. Dr. Tripti Singh has been first artist to exhibit her digital art works in Macca of Indian contemporary Gallery, Jehangir art Gallery, Mumbai as her first solo Exhibition “Amoghvarsha” and second solo show at Jehangir. It has been 20 yeas she is creating digital artworks. Theses artworks based on intensive research on texture, space, shape, color, tone, line and the most important inspiration converted to perception to express in form of themes in each series of artworks created so far. They tells the different artistic prospective of surrounding of artist's world. Exhibitions: First Solo Amoghvarsha ’12’ at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. from 19-27 Dec 2012. Represented India International Exhibition Hungary. United Art Fair. UNCP Pembroke, North Carolina, USA. Renaissance Gallery Bangalore, Selection in International Artistic Linen Cloth, Poland. Sguardi Sonori Italy. Artwork included in permanent collection. Publication and Critics: 1. Artworks from Amoghvarsha ‘12’ were published in Lakeview an International Journal of Literature and Arts. August 2013. 2. Featured Artist at MOCA and added artworks to permanent collection. July 2013. 3.12/12/2012 published in many international art journals.