Adrien Kovanic

Guyancourt, France
The pictures you see are born of from a passion, or rather a combination of several passions. The photos from all my paintings were made while traveling or during intense photo shooting. Most of them are from my main passion, traveling. For these pictures I wanted to capture not only a landscape, a person or a monument, but even more, its essence. Finally my other passion is computers, work, photo editing, I pushed it to its extreme, first by distorting the images (Korean series) and reworking the colors and by including other images of the same place to form a single table (Berlin). The colors are arranged such that the human eye is immediately sensed. Through this work I want to provoke the viewer wonder and especially the emotion that he fully immersed himself in the picture. My goal is not to shock but rather pleasantly surprised. I hope that the viewer is immersed in my picture, it is for this reason that my latest creations are panoramic and interactive. For me, it is possible to reconcile the search for artistic Beautiful and modern techniques of photographic manipulation.