Cy Tone - Inhale – Exhale – Inspire – Create - All subjects are Copyright-free, everyone can use them as he/she/it prefers, we don’t give a fuck. Culture is a human heritage not a mass production tool. - Alberto Cittone, aka Cy Tone, is a 33 years-old industrial and graphic designer from Turin, ITALY. - He studied Graphic Design at the European Institute of Design and defines his work as “evidence, experiments, results”. - After a 8 years old career as industrial designer he became a creative freelance designer - He feeds on 3D modeling, rendering and Photoshop working with various agencies in Turin, but his main interested is the production of creative and artistic images and videos - So reads his manifesto, demonstrating a strong attitude to the social and knowledge of the newmedia world, focused on networking, the appropriations free. - Image manipulation has seen by the artist as an enrichment and growth, a new creative purpose. - If his artistic world is formed by the digital, certainly not the reality he has escaped from the hands. In fact, his last project involves the construction of territories in 3D, which he shapes like a proud creator and where he imagines being able to move. - Alberto Cittone / Cy Tone