Bio: Hi all, my name is Devan Marz and I’m a junior year transfer student in the Photography & Imaging department at Tisch. After studying photography at Pratt Institute for two years, I felt that NYU would give me the most well-rounded education and to this date they have held to that standard. Since around 2013 I’ve been enamoured with the photographic image and three years later, I found myself able to combine my passion for music along with that of photography by focusing my image-making on freelance work for local music artists. From the small network that I built in my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, I was able to move out to NYC with enough of my foot in the door to where I was able to quickly connect with many artists and continue to grow both their brands as well as my own. Today this brand is known as Guyonmarz, a self-titled (and self-ran) visual production service that has specialized in freelance photography in a multitude of forms as well as for music videos. Around the same time in 2016 that I began making music-related visuals I also was in the midst of a rather elementary video editing class. I saw there was much more to the world of videography than editing together soundbites for an interview, so I began teaching myself music video editing techniques. Since then, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with a multitude of artists in both my hometown and NYC, ranging from alternative to hip-hop. Professor Snow Yunxue Fu introduced me to Autodesk Maya in her post-photographic processes course, and with a background in After effects, I was able to quickly adapt to its workflow. What I found here was the ability to create refreshingly new work that was 100% mine and not attached to any musicians name. It was invigorating, and I was able to apply my photographic and videography backgrounds seamlessly into a new and exciting medium. This is my second piece made during the semester, titled “Machine Breathing” - a visual conversation of the contrast in form between organic and synthetic material. Enjoy!