With a clear vision of an artistic style in her mind and validation through Warhol with his simple objects and other Modern Artist Leslie Peppers decided to create a body of work and present this on its’ own merit, originality. Making submissions for commissions and public exhibitions and acquiring a Ph.D in Art History she made her way through the art world into galleries and notable private collections around the world along with her partner sculptor JD Peppers. Using a bow compass, t-squares and other technical drawing tools, the artist drafts canvases like the blueprints of an architect, creating precise, unforgettable artworks in black and white with an occasional use of red. Through the use of computer graphics she re-creates these paintings and sets them into motion. "In a past life, an artist I must have been. At the age of four I remember sketching Modern Art without ever having seen it. Creating is ever present in my mind, in what I see and in what I hear. Art is the first love of my life." Leslie Peppers ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Header: The Red Bird by Leslie Peppers. Representative: Alison Bird at Early Bird Co; use the contact form at www.lesliepeppers.com for inquiries.