Chrostowska, Marta is an international visual artist based in London. Her work is owned by private collectors across the UK, Poland and the USA. Due to her talent and recognition, she was awarded the Best Flame Artist Award (2019). Her artwork has also been featured in numerous publications such as Tydzień Polski, Integrity Magazine and Mob Journal. Originally from Poland, Marta has grown up in an artistic family of nobel origin where she was influenced by her family's creativity and artistic atmosphere. Her art is mainly focused on human behaviour traits which are demonstrated by various images of clowns, jesters and masks. She is also inspired by the Chinese culture, Venice Carnival and gambling. She also works for The Portrait Foundation - established by the famous portraitist Barbara Kaczmarowska Hamilton. The charity is under the patronage of the H.R.H Duke of Kent himself. Marta believes that true artistic talent cannot be learned. It is gifted.