Renso Tamse, born and raised in Rotterdam, was already drawing and painting at an early age. From the time he could remember he wanted to become an artist. He was primarily interested in nature. He didn't really get much from a study at the Academy of Visual Arts. Teachers' attention was mainly focused on abstract and modern art. However, he preferred realistic paintings, so it just didn't fit that way. The urban artist wants nothing more than to paint wild, mysterious natural landscapes and to paint the animals that belong there. To better understand the wildlife areas, he regularly travels to North America, Switzerland, the Pyrenees, Germany and Scandinavia. The fairy-tale forests of the Czech Republic are also a favorite destination where he experiences on the spot how flora and fauna are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Renso Tamse can be hit by a tuft of moss, a piece of bark, a whimsical tree and so on. "What I do, feels like a form of soul art. Trying to tell a story with every painting. Realistic watercolors of animals and nature, sometimes even humans. I need to tell the story of life and nature. To others, but to myself as well. And the best way for me to do this, is through the paint and paper of my art... I hope my art helps people to see and open their hearts for the beauty of our planet".